S 200 F

Dental Chair

Dental chair to accept patient during treatments odontological, with automatic movements, used to work with – position left and right-handed professionals, it starting by a motor DC.
Operated by foot control, which many function in the controls and it work with gradual dental light intensity, seat and backrest movements, return to initial position, and programmable work position which are set by the dentist.

It is innovative and modern round-edged design. It curved of the backrest, which improves for patient with high comfort but produce also approach of the doctor.

Base with ergonomic design, made of steel, protected by debrun antiskid. It has 2 holes which allows the option of fastening the dental chair to the floor.
Steel-built structure with a resistant, smooth, high-shine, round-edged coating.

It High-shine smooth epoxy coating, polymerized in stove at 250ºC, with phosphate process resistant to rust and cleaning products.
The headrest anatomic, removable with height adjustment. Optional cervical rest, which improves high patient comfort.

Round edged fi xed armrest, designed to ease the patient access and improve the dentist productivity, avoiding unnecessary movements and making cleaning and disinfections much easier.

Ample seamless upholstery, with lumbar rest, mounted on a rigid structure covered with a high-resistant polyurethane cover, this coverage use material plastic and seamless upholstery.

Delivery Unit

Delivery unit for dental use, for the activation and control of the syringe, rotary instruments, etc., providing greater proximity in the work field.
It has a side panel and central control panel (optional).

Structure made of steel with surface treatment via nanotechnology. Smooth painting with a high gloss and epoxy base, polymerized in an oven at 250ºC, resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials.

Auxiliary tray made of steel with horizontal movement.
Delivery unit body made of high impact polyethylene.
Smooth hoses, without grooves or rifling, rounded, light and flexible.
It has translucent reservoirs easy to access with automatic pressurization of water for syringe/spray of the handpieces and chlorinated water for the “optional” Bio-System.

The Bio-System is a disinfection system, which provides internal cleaning of the hoses and terminals via bactericidal liquid, preventing risks of cross contamination (Optional).


Water Unit

Water unit for dental use, for auxiliary work such as supply water for collecting waste and activating the rinsing bowl and saliva ejectors; ambidextrous (serves both right-handers and left-handers), couple to the dental chair.

Activation stopcock and adjustment of the water in the bowl. Electrical controls for the outflow of the water in the cup filler (available in the Water Unit model Syncrus L E TV, LE 2T and L E 2 TV).

Removable round rinsing bowl, with a diameter of 220mm, provides perfect disinfection.

Body of the unit made of steel and coated with high impact polystyrene.

Structure of the unit made of steel, with glossy smooth paint with a base of epoxy, polymerized in an oven at 250ºC, with a phosphatized treatment resistant to corrosion and cleaning materials, a structure coated with high impact polystyrene with rounded edges.

Flexible, light rounded hoses and quick coupling which connect and disconnect easily without requiring tools.

Water conduits which wash the non-autoclavable bowl and cup filler. Strainer to retain solids.

Saliva ejector with automatic activation easy to use, which provides an excellent

operational performance, allowing the professional to see operational field better with a reduced risk of contamination from aerosol and greater comfort for the patient.

Dental Light

Dental light for dental use with gradual adjust of intensity 08.000 - 25.000 Lux through the foot control of the odontologic chair.

Head made of resistant material, with a rotation of 620O, propitiating lightness, durability, and ample mobility in all positions. Activation through the foot control of the Dental Chair, optimizing biosafety.

Bilateral handle shaped grips enable isolation preventing the risk of cross contamination.
Multifaceted mirror with multicoating treatment, generating innumerable light sources, avoiding shadows created by interpositions. Mirror protector in a resistant, transparent material protecting against aerosols.

Arm in steel with vertical and horizontal movement with rounded edges, smooth paintwork for easy aseptic cleaning.

Supply Voltage 
127 or 220V ~ 50/60Hz 

Electronics Integrated and low voltage: 24 volts 

Seat height from the ground :
Minimum of 450 mm 
Maximum of 900 mm 

Lifting System Electromechanical gearmotor driven BOSCH low voltage 24 volts 

Resistant material with swivel 620 º. 

Conductor basin water 
Painted in epoxy powder paint.

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