The Sealing Process is a process by which the packages are hermetically sealed, guaranteeing their sterility from the moment of sterilization until the moment of use. BioPack Saevo is designed for simple sealing; fast and safe.

The BioPack Sealer is designed for a hermetic seal, ensuring the sterility of the articles from the sterilization until the moment of use. It has insulated resistances which inhibit the risk of burning the paper, even when it is not removed from the sealing region and does not transmit heat to the surface of the product.

Its body is made of stainless steel, which prevents corrosion, is of high mechanical strength and facilitates cleaning and disinfection, while providing a pleasing appearance. It has a detachable front support plate that makes the product more compact and makes transport easier.

The closing of the Sealer is done by means of a manual lever with lock, which allows better control of the sealing time and allows to seal the surgical grade paper without occupying both hands of the operator.

Endowed with:

Support for surgical grade paper with adjustments for different paper sizes and up to 25 cm of sealing area.

Sealing temperature adjustment for fast and safe procedure. In addition to having isolated resistances, inhibiting the risk of burning the paper.

Sealing arm with locking mechanism allowing locking by manual lever.

With ON / OFF indicator light - greater safety for those who are handling the equipment.

Removable front support - Removable front support key, making the product compact and making transport easier.

Double cut rail (two sides) - Rail type paper cutter that cuts in both directions.

Power supply: 127/220 V ~

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power: 570/460 W

Product Dimension: 238 X 470 X 390 mm

Net weight: 6.4 kg

Gross weight: 8.26 kg

Validity: Undetermined

From Brasil

Anvisa: uncorrelated product

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