BioFree 06 Liters

Modern and functional design: 
facilitates handling and ensures greater durability to the product

Ceramic Heaters: 
ensures greater security, efficiency and increases equipment lifespan

Washing with heated water: 
5 heating options

Drain Valve: 
easy emptying

Valve for draining the internal reservoir

Ultrasonic vibration generators: waves evenly distributed that provide a more thorough cleaning. 

Transparent lid that allows easy viewing of the contents inside. 

Basket made of high strength thermoplastic material to accommodate the materials. 

Tank with: 2 liters capacity. 

Control panel with digital LED display of the wash cycle. 
operating time, facilitates the operation of the equipment. 

Selector for setting the time of the wash cycle

Water temperature selector - allows washing with warm water

High capacity tank: Tank capacity 6000 ml
Two industrial ultrasonic transducers: More even distribution of sound waves, deep cleaning and high durability
Two-color LED display: Clock with a range from 10 to 30 minutes, five temperature settings, operating status indicators
Two ceramic heaters: Modern, safe, efficient and durable
Independent control circuits for each ultrasonic transducer: High efficiency, not susceptible to interference
Multiple circuits protectors: When overloaded or misused, the guards stop the power supply protecting the equipment
Cooling fan: Improves heat dissipation and benefits continuous operations
Degassing feature: Dissolves the solution quickly
Drain Valve: Easy to empty

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